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Thanksgiving Checklist- Week One

This week, here are things you can do to get ready for Thanksgiving:


Order your turkey. Skip the grocery store Butterball. Order your turkey from a local farmer, that was well-fed and had a good life. On the Seacoast, Hurd Farm and Kellie Brook are both good choices.


Order flowers. If you want to have (low!) centerpieces for your table, order from a florist to pick up Thanksgiving week. Also consider a tall arrangement for the buffet and also some for the bathroom.


Take inventory of all your stuff. Plates, silverware, platters, gravy boats, serving utensils? A stain-free tablecloth, and suitable napkins? Meat thermometer? Ice bucket? Water pitcher? Think of what you'll need, and make sure it's all in good working condition.


Buy beverages. Figure out a signature cocktail or two-- perhaps the Blood Orange Banger, Lavender-Bourbon-Maple Sour, West Rye, Caprice, Old Pal or even just a solid, well-made Cosmo. Get the appropriate booze for that, plus the exact brands of liquor that anyone over 60 likes. Read more rules about beverages (amounts, etc.) here. Don't forget non-alcoholics, either. Sparkling water, maybe the fixins for Shirley Temples for the kids? plus one interesting drink for the designated drivers/pregnant ladies.


Test your signature cocktail. Gotta make sure it's going to work for your crowd!


Make and/or freeze pie crusts. Since you are so organized and on-the-ball, you have time to make some homemade pies. This week, make this delicious pie crusts, roll them out and into your pie tins. Poke holes all over them with a fork, and wrap tightly with plastic wrap. If pie crusts are scary-- as they are for many people-- just buy pie crusts. You can still roll them out and freeze them, so they are ready to go.


Make your stock. Dry turkey, bland stuffing, lumpy mashed potatoes... not that your dinner will offer ANY of those, but just in case, you'll need a delicious gravy that will rescue them. And what is gravy made of? Basically butter, flour and turkey stock! So you'll want to spend a lot of time on that now, as a little insurance policy. Make extra and you will be totally set up for turkey soup!

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