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Cooking Camp 2020
July 6th-10th 9am-1pm
 entering 6th-8th grade 

We will focus on "DIY" in the kitchen, with projects like:

  • From-scratch doughs (pasta, pizza, pie) 

  • Homemade hot and cold sauces (what the heck is in ketchup, anyway?)

  • Vegetable cookery, using the bounty of the Portsmouth Farmer’s Market

  • Making our own cheese, butter and ice cream

  • Roasting the perfect chicken

  • Homemade marshmallows

We will also cook a meal for Gather, our local food pantry... a good deed and an excellent opportunity to practice knife skills.

A couple guest speakers will also be invited to share their passions, including Brody Parrott, owner of Birch Bees. He will teach us all about honey and bees... with some samples, of course!

We will sit down to a delicious, vegetable-driven family-style lunch each day, prepared from scratch by campers... that means all you have to pack each day is a water bottle!


Our exciting addition this year is that on Friday we will have a Top Chopped MasterChef Championship. Campers will use the skills they learned during the week to compete in various rounds of challenges... some tricky, some wacky. 

On Tuesday, February 4th, a link will be posted until Friday, February 7th at 9pm to sign up for our lottery-style registration. We will draw 10 lucky names, and send you the link to pay on Sunday, February 9th. 


Please note: We will do our best to accommodate any allergies/dietary restrictions, however please note that the kitchen is not allergen-free.


Please also note: We do our best to make the kitchen a safe place to be. However there are definitely knives, fire, and other hazards. If you are not comfortable with your child working around these items, this camp is not a good fit.

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