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Radicchio Salad

Lobster Dinner

passed hors d'oeuvres:

trio of late summer crostini:

tomato + peach with burrata (V);

eggplant, charred pepper + shaved pecorino (V);

roasted grape, cambozola + pistachio (V)


chilled shrimp + avocado toast with lemon + chile flake


twice-baked mini potatoes with bacon, brie + chive (GF)


mini waffles with cured salmon, charred orange-fennel relish + crème fraîche


family-style dinner


wedge salad with roasted cherry tomatoes, crispy prosciutto, pickled onion + “cucumber ranch” (GF)


“street corn” salad with roasted poblano chilies, fresh herbs, lemon aioli + crumbled cotija cheese (V, GF)


roasted beet and apple salad with crunchy seed “granola” and mint labneh


grilled lobster halves, with garlic parsley butter;

shoestring potatoes, curry ketchup and bacon fat mayo


NY strip steaks, seared mid-rare and sliced; salsa verde butter + sautéed local mushrooms


pie bar:

espresso truffle tart with berries + whipped mascarpone;

fried apple hand pies with 5-spice sugar;

citrus curd with fresh berries and whipped cream;

butterscotch with marshmallow meringue and chocolate;

individual warm blueberry cobblers with honey lavender ice cream

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