Upcoming Kids Classes


March 9th: Soups + Stews


4th-8th grade


(includes 4 quarts of soup!)


Winter will be here a little longer in New England... might as well stay warm! Soup is a great way to learn so many fundamentals about cooking:

  • knife skills

  • how to make a great stock (the main building block in so many dishes!)

  • how to start cooking without a recipe (there are always ingredients for soup in your fridge and pantry!)

  • how to use up ingredients, for less food waste

We will make a variety of soups. Each student will bring home 4 quarts to eat for dinner, bring for lunch, or freeze for a rainy day.

St. Patrick's Day Feast

March 16th


4th-8th grade


(includes dinner for 4!)

The leprechauns will be proud! Take home dinner for your (VERY LUCKY) family!

  • "green" soup with brown bread

  • Irish chicken + dumplings with roasted cabbage

  • scones with berries + creme anglaise

Pumpkin Scones

(Please note: these classes may contain allergens. Let me know if your child has allergies, and we will do our best to accommodate them, though please note that the kitchen is not allergen-free.)