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sample grain bowls + salads

(can be served as part of a buffet or individually packaged; most grains, proteins + vegetables can be swapped out to accommodate special diets)

  • salmon niçoise salad with olive, hard-cooked egg, potato, green beans, peppers + dijon vinaigrette

  • roasted chicken and bread salad with farmers market greens, pickled raisins + pine nuts

  • poached shrimp + rice noodle salad with herbs, "sundried" pineapple, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumber + crushed peanuts; ginger-lime vinaigrette

  • seared flank steak/ ramen noodle salad with mango, juniper-pickled celery, watermelon radish, bok choy + hoisin-black bean vinaigrette

  • mixed greens with snap pea, avocado, pea shoots + coconut gremolata

  • roasted root vegetables + citrus over chickpea farro with radicchio, meyer lemon aioli

  • cauliflower, sweet potato + caramelized brussels sprouts bowls over curried quinoa with dried apricot, pomegranate + hazelnuts

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