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sample desserts and coffee break snacks

cookies/ bars:

  • salted chocolate shortbread

  • classic oatmeal raisin**

  • homemade oreos with bourbon vanilla buttercream

  • homemade mallomars with hibiscus marshmallow + homemade graham crackers*

  • espresso shortbread with butterscotch glaze and chocolate-covered espresso beans

  • key lime bars with fresh raspberries

other one-bite desserts:

  • brioche doughnut holes with orange-cardamom sugar and cajeta dipping sauce

  • curried dark chocolate peanut butter cups*

  • chocolate-dipped caramels with smoked salt + pink pepper*

  • profiteroles* with coffee mousseline, dark chocolate ganache + candied almonds

  • matcha-dipped strawberries with black + white sesame seeds***


other snacks:

  • world's best chex mix with "bacon dust"**

  • edamame with togarashi salt***

  • sriracha-lime caramel corn* with kaffir cashews

  • truffle popcorn* with pecorino and rosemary

  • homemade root vegetable chips*** with berbere salt 

*indicates that item is either naturally gluten-free, or can be made gluten-free upon request.

**indicates that item is either naturally dairy-free, or can be made dairy-free upon request.

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